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You only have 2 seconds to grab their attention. Make them count.

Connect with your audience and deliver your value.


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Website Design

Turn your ideas into an art. Present yourself with confidence and elegance. 

Website Design with divi

I utilize the power of the most advanced theme-builder for WordPress.  This allows a beautiful and seamless experience both visiting the site and behind the scenes. 


If you do not yet have a branding style,I can work with you to develop some basics such as a color scheme and photo editing.

Transition of Skillsets

After our initial design phase, I will work with you 1 on 1 to provide the skill-sets and confidence in making edits and adjustments to your own website.  Of course, I will always be around for more involved transformations.

Website Hosting

All sites come with a guaranteed three years of hosting support.  You bring a domain, or even an idea, and I’ll handle the rest.

Use my server

If you have purchased a domain, or have one in mind, I can host your website on my server.  Including unlimited bandwith and professional email such as

wordpress install and management

Due to simplicity and repeatability with the quality that is needed for this service, I am happy to use wordpress.  I will setup your server, make sure everything is up to date, and allow you to take over the project when I am finished.



The framework off all mutual involvement resulting in Success.  Making sure we have clear definitions of success and timelines.


I take input, process it in a timely manner, and relay the output it to you. We then refine, rinse, & repeat.


First drafts are just that.  That’s why I get the ball rolling as soon as possible to provide the most amount of time for the fine details and polishes that really bring it all together.


When done is done, we run it live.


Website Redesign

Digital Course Design


Website Development

Real Estate Agency


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Discover how you can share your valueview my work

About Me

Hello, I’m Justin.  I have the skills to showcase your work far and wide.

Your work deserves presenting. My work is to provide you with a culture of excellence in making that happen. Together we will draw out an idea’s greatest strengths, and present them for the benefit of the world.

  • Landing Pages
  • e-commerce
  • sales funnels

“Justin is very pleasant to work with. On every project I’ve worked with him on, he has been very easy to communicate with, he listened and responded well to feedback, and has always delivered quality work. Highly recommend!”

Kara Shepard-Poat | Autonomy Unlimited Copywriting Team Captain

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